2 week Diet Review

2 week diet is a science based method of shedding 8kgs of body fat in just two weeks as the name suggest. Its creator, Brian Flatt also promises extra benefits such as achieving a well toned body, increase in your energy and level of health and decrease in cellulite. It gained popularity due to its effectiveness and the speed at which one is able to shed such amount of extra fat in just a few days.

Brian Flatt himself is an accomplished author and prides in holding numerous titles including being a certified sports nutritionist, speaker, weight loss consultant, bestselling author, certified personal trainer among others.

How 2 week diet works

According to him, you shouldn’t struggle at all to lose weight. But people struggle anyway because:

  • They get wrong information about how to lose it
  • They have inflamed cellular thus the body defense mechanisms are down and the body isn’t breaking down as much fat as it should be
  • They exercise yes, but eat less. This has never been a good experience to anyone.
  • The weight loss plan they are using is hard to follow strictly.

Brian offers an alternative and a solution to the struggles above in his 2 week diet plan and makes it simpler by breaking it down to four components that will help one lose weight. He says you need;

A launch handbook to inform you on:

How to burn obdurate fat as well as how to avoid gaining the same

The benefits of breakfast and how it should be the most important meal of all

The scientific explanation of the advice most weight lose experts give

A diet handbook to guide you on:

What to eat at what time and how much portion of it all compared to what your boy requires

How to prepare a meal plan that aids in your weight lose journey

How to identify tasty yet highly effective foods in burning fat

How to say no to foods that add weight

An activity handbook to teach you on:

Workout routines that require less time but with double results

A motivation handbook to help you:

Focus on the main goal of losing weight

Overcome the challenges and obstacles of losing weight

Stay motivated throughout the weight lose period and to keep weight at bay –

Prices vs. what you get

So, with the two weeks that you are tasked with all the reading and do it yourself weight lose program, the whole package comes with a hefty price of $97. There is a refund though if it doesn’t work and a week’s content access for $7.


Fast results

Brian flat actually invented a faster way of losing stubborn fat. If one strictly follows it, the 16lbs will have been flushed in less than a month! This comes in handy for those requiring the perfect beach body in a short time. The secret behind it actually is the way the body continues with burning calories even after one stops exercising.

Easy to read and understand

It has been explained in the simplest terms and even diagrammatically demonstrated for one to grasp the right content the first time. It should not be a problem to follow the instructions unless you have a special difficulty.

Implementation is effortless

The method involves simple activities that are doable. One is not required to have a special talent or be a member of a gymnastic class to be able to nail it. Just ensure to stay motivated throughout the period. You can achieve this by getting a liability partner and/or rewarding yourself whenever you hit your target for the day.

Everyone can use it

This method took all people into consideration; busy and less busy alike, active and passive on equal measure. Exercising 15-30 minutes a day for 3-4 days a week is very considerate of those who are lazy to lose their weight.

There is a refund!

Yes, if you are not able to shed any weight after two months of using his dietary plan. You just have to prove that you actually followed instructions and lost no weight in your before and after weight checks.


The do it yourself method can pose laxity on the person trying to lose weight because they feel like there is no one to push them to achieve results by the end of the day.

The handbook is only available in soft copy; which is nice in terms of convenience and even reselling it for an extra buck but following instructions online is hard. That means you will have to incur more to print so that it becomes easier to follow.

The handbook is damn expensive! Given its in digital form and its only a 2 week diet, selling it at $97 is above the normal market price for online products.

Final verdict

Brains 2 week diet is a good program to lose weight with lesser health risks unlike other rapid programs but if not willing to stick to it, swallow your pills or stay without food.