In the past, different software’s has been manufactured in order to aid in cell phone tracking. However, a game changer in the industry is the Flexispy app. An advanced monitoring software application, the Flexispy software that allows for ease in the tracking of smartphones. What makes it different from others are some of its features that allow for live call recording and a host of others. Here’s a review of the Flexispy software.

Basic Features

1. Emails, SMS, calls and other messages such as Blackberry and WhatsApp messages can be tracked.
2. Live call interception and recording is supported.
3. Remote capturing via camera is allowed.
4. Flexispy provides a comprehensive call report.
5. It works well on both rooted phones and non-rooted phones.
6. All saved data are pushed to a user’s account accessible through any computer.
7. Ability to access the contact address book and see any modifications done to the contacts stored therein.


The Flexispy software comes in two packages: the premium version and the extreme version. On the premium version, users are allowed to carry out the simple monitoring activities as could be seen on other phone monitoring software. Some of these include:
– Managing applications.
– Tracking with GPS.
– Updating and upgrading software remotely.
– Notification of Keywords.

The extreme version comes with a host of other features which includes- Call interception- Recording of calls- Ambient recording (involves recording sounds from the phone through the phone’s mic).

How does it work?

The Flexispy software is a very easy to use software such that even a newbie in technology can easily install and make use of it. A user-friendly software, the Flexispy comes with an installation wizard that is capable of helping users in installing the software.

Supported OS

Flexispy works on almost all currently available OS. Android, iOS, Nokia, and Blackberry are some of the currently supported OS. Recently, a desktop version which supports recent versions of Windows and Mac was been developed.

The different packages of the Flexispy are tagged at different prices depending on the duration.
For the Extreme package, a 3-month subscription goes for $199 and a year’s subscription goes for $349.

The Premium package is expectedly cheaper with a month’s subscription pegged at $68, a 3-month subscription priced at $99 and a year’s subscription tagged at $149.


The Flexispy software is a great software that does as it says, with even much more features than any other monitoring software currently in the market. Its location outside the U.S gives it an edge over the others as it has no legal hassles due to the use of this software.