There’s no mistaking that trying to lose weight can be a chore, especially if most of the techniques and methods to do so require several processes to memorize and follow rigorously to achieve optimum results. However, that can all change with the book that offers a refreshing and easy way to lose weight through intermittent fasting.


Weight-loss guru Brad Pilon, who has a background in human nutrition and in the supplement industry, is the author of the Eat Stop Eat book, which is a weight loss book that is focused more on when a person eats and when they don’t rather than what they eat or the activities they do, or commonly known as intermittent fasting. Pilon recommends that a person should be fasting up to two times a week to give the body a chance to burn the excess fat. He backs up this claim with scientific explanations and debunks myths that are associated with the intermittent fasting using facts and research. He recommends that a person fast for 24 hours straight without food (20 hours for those who have a hard time reaching the 24-hour cycle) then returning to normal eating schedule afterwards and doesn’t recommend fasting on consecutive days.

Pilon didn’t say what food people can’t eat during the days that they are eating on a regular schedule, but he does recommend eating in moderation and to include fruits, vegetables, and spices in people’s diets. As for exercise, Pilon recommends doing weight training and resistance exercises during the days that people are not fasting for three to four times a week.

The Benefits of Eat Stop Eat

Pilon doesn’t guarantee that people will automatically lose weight after reading the book and following his method. He says that his book is just a guide that outlines the principles that people will need to successfully lose weight. Other benefits that the book offers include:

  • An education on the basics of human nutrition and what role it plays in weight loss
  • Non-weight related benefits of fasting
  • Debunking myths about intermittent fasting

Who The Book Is For

The beauty about the Eat Stop Eat book is that it’s simple and easy to follow and Pilon provides a lot of references for his methods so people will know what he’s saying is legit. The Eat Stop Eat review is basically for anyone who’s looking for a new and refreshing way to lose weight, those who are looking to maintain their current body weight, and those who just wants to improve their general health through fasting, as the book teaches people how to safely and properly begin fasting.

One drawback of the book is that Pilon doesn’t usually go into too much detail about the kind of food that people can’t eat. So people who just starting out in their journey to eating healthy won’t get much help from this book about the kind of healthy foods they should be eating. Nevertheless, it’s a great book to read and is very detailed when it comes to the benefits of intermittent fasting. It is important to note, though, that people should first consult with their physician before they follow the Pilon’s method, as fasting is usually not for everyone. Read more reviews at A Mom’s Review Website